Chicken Cottage

27 Blackbird Hill, London NW9 8RS, UK


This go-to chicken stop was visited at least least 2 to 3 times a week whenever I didn’t feel like formal dining. The food is relatively cheap and the restaurant serves a variety of chicken, lamb, and fish combos. Continue reading


Brunch in Brixton

Casa Sibilla – Brixton Village

Brixton, London SW9 8PS, United Kingdom

This small Italian Cafe & Deli is absolutely not equipped to serve big parties or customers in a hurry. There is one chef for the cafe and one chef for the deli. The seating is very limited and the area can get easily crowded. However, if time can be spared, this Italian treasure is a must for foodies alike and rightfully deserves its Tripadvisor rating.

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Smoked Salmon Blinis


“A delicacy best enjoyed with a glass of champagne, Smoked Salmon Blinis are a quick and easy appetizer that pack a surprisingly savory taste.”

In celebration of New Years, my Aunty Kemi prepared one of her favorite canapés just before dinner. I have never been a big fan of raw fish so I was definitely skeptical when I realized she wasn’t heating the salmon. I was expecting a fishy and sour taste. To my surprise I was greeted by a taste very similar to smoked meat and cheese. When eating Smoked Salmon Blinis its recommended one eats a Blini whole rather than taking bites of it. The taste will be better that way!

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Dirty Dicks – Old Man’s Pub


Located in Bishop’s Gate, London

I just had to stop at this Old Man’s pub! It’s a few or more blocks from Liverpool Street station. With very dim lighting, plush seating booths, and wooden chairs, this pub provides a cozy atmosphere for locals and tourist alike. 


My drink of choice was a Shandy! (recommended by my Aunt) A Shandy is beer mixed with lemonade. The proportions of beer and lemonade are mixed to taste, usually half-and-half. It’s a fairly common drink especially in the summer because it can be quite refreshing. 

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