Casa Sibilla – Brixton Village

Brixton, London SW9 8PS, United Kingdom

This small Italian Cafe & Deli is absolutely not equipped to serve big parties or customers in a hurry. There is one chef for the cafe and one chef for the deli. The seating is very limited and the area can get easily crowded. However, if time can be spared, this Italian treasure is a must for foodies alike and rightfully deserves its Tripadvisor rating.

Even though the service was very slow, the waiter was friendly and reassuring. The cocktails are slightly expensive (as is all liquor in London). At £6.00, the Rossini is a delicious mixture of strawberry puree and a sweet Italian white wine called Prosecco. To accompany my drink I ordered the Sibilla Breakfast which consists of Eggs, Italian pancetta, fennel sausage, grilled tomato, beans, mushrooms,& avocado (about £12 because avocado was extra). The breakfast was amazing! It was packed with flavor, the sausage was like nothing Ive ever tasted, and everything was cooked perfectly. A second visit is currently in the works to say the least! 





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